Hey guys.

Here's another original song. It's called "The Stranger". A standard power chord pop-rock song.

Would appreciate comments. There are a few rough parts but I like it. Personally feel it could benefit from a second guitarist playing lead but I want to be able to perform live.

(We're a 3 piece group).

"The Stranger"
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Much appreciated!
A standard power chord pop-rock song. Perfect description. I don't like it for that exact damn reason.

Anyway, musically: It is okay, somewhat stale. And god yes get a lead guitarist. Some vocal lines are somewhat out of key, sometimes noticeably out of key, which can be somewhat cringey. If it's a compliment to you: It sounds like every pop-rock song ever.

Lyrically: Well.................it's somewhat...how do you call that.....cliche. Really really really cliche. Not my cup of tea at all. Sorry.

Production-wise: Yeah pretty good, but uhm, do you even have a bassist? Could be my speakers, but that geezer (Yes le punz) is inaudible as hell sometimes. Are the drums software? They sound like such. (At least the snare does)

I am not a genius in giving positive criticism and 'how-to-improve' stuff, but at least get a lead guitarist or overdub some lead guitar or whatever. Also, not every note in the song has to be a chord, runs and licks would be much appreciated. The drums are also somewhat regular, spice it up a little perhaps. Please, also some kind of breakdown somewhere, it's kinda loud-loud-loud all the time.

Sorry for being rather negative, but it's just my style of reviewing stuff.
I'm in a 3 piece too so I understand the struggle of making your songs anything more than power chord songs. I like the tone of the vocalist, reminds me of a sort of post punk, the Cure, sort of sound. The drums are mixed really well, the vocals could be slightly further back in the mix. The chorus melody is great. I think the bass needs its low frequencies boosted a bit, it kind of disappears in the mix.

Overall I like it though, I can imagine dancing to something like this in a bar show or something, nice stuff.

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