Hey guys need help deciding. Should be a pretty straight froward question I'm guessing. Ive already got an ec 1000 ltd and wanted to upgrade to something little bit better. I'm trying to decide between the iron cross james hetfield guitar or the eclipse 2. Is the iron cross worth the extra 6-7 hundred in gonna have to fork out or should I just go with the esp. I really like the look of the iron cross by the way. Thanks
Am I getting this right? You're comparing the LTD Iron Cross and the ESP Eclipse? In that case I would take the Eclipse. I'm sure the two guitars play very similarly though.

I also don't like the look of the Iron Cross at all, but that's just my irrelevant opinion.
Just go to the shop and try a few guitars. Give some non LP style guitars a shot too just to ensure you're making a good decision.

But straight up, if I had the money for a new guitar and I already owned an LTD ec 1000, I would buy something completely different. Why do you want to own two almost identical guitars? Broaden your selection! Consider it. Your current guitar is already a very solid axe.
Oh shit that's gonna make my decision harder haha. Yeah the ec-1000s a great guitar just getting some age on it now. Nearly 7 years now. It's just I've always loved the feel and look of an LP/eclipse. Was considering a gibson just seem a bit out of my price range ( the missus would kill me if I spent a 3 grand on a guitar). Just a bit concerned whether or not your paying extra just because it's got his name on it. Youd think because it's a fair bit more than the ec 1000 the quality would have to be better all round? Reason I asking is cause can't find one in the shop in my whole state so gonna have to order online
With Gibson you are paying for the name imo. You will still get a nice guitar though, and it will have good resale value as well which is something to consider. But yeah like I said, if it were out of those two I would take the Eclipse.

But then if it were me, Id probably end up with something totally different seeing as I've already got a "metal machine". Unless I was buying it for drop tuning or something. And then if that were the case, I wouldn't buy a Les Paul for drop tuning due to its shorter scale length.

At the end of the day, it would be worth deciding what you really want to get out of your new axe and what you expect it to sound like. Another ESP Eclipse won't sound too different from your current guitar. It may feel nicer to you, but it also may not. You really should want to give it a try first.

I do not wish to talk you out of your decision, just trying to give you other options to think about after having already answered your question. I am jealous of you, I want a new guit!
Thanks for the help mate might have a bit of a think about it. Cheers
If you can get an ESP eclipse, take it. It'll be light years beyond the LTD. Especially if the LTD costs more, that's even more the reason to buy the ESP.
So the esp's actually are much better than the ltd's? Never really been shore if there's much of a difference or not (besides where its made and the large price tag). Am also curious about the truckster. Don't know much about it but was wondering why it is so much cheaper than the iron cross. Is it an older model (used in st. anger I believe) or is it just a cheaper built guitar. Price is a bit of a bargain when compared to the cross. Any info at all would be great.
ESP = Made in Japan
LTD = Made in Korea (I believe)

Why the ESP is cheaper is beyond me, maybe it's just been sitting there for a long time? Not quite sure, can't answer that for you. But I've owned an ESP M-II Maple and have played various LTD models and the ESP blew them away in terms of sound and quality, however the higher end LTDS are quite fine as well. Both guitars should be fairly similar in terms of features and looks. But like I said, in your position I'd take the Eclipse. But also consider what you want more, wanting something sometimes is more important than buying the "better" product especially if it fits your needs.
If you really love your EC1000, why not consider some strat-shaped ESPs? Consider the ESP Horizon-II or M-II. I've got an ESP E-II Horizon and it outshines the EC1000 that I had.
ESP has changed stuff in their marketing. The higher end LTD's are now supposed to be on par with the old ESP standard models and anything labeled ESP is custom shop, IIRC.

That said, I'd go with the ESP. LTD makes really solid guitars, but I do think that the resale value on the ESP will be higher and I'm not a fan of signature models.