Yeah, so I just wondered what people thought of these two amps. I.e, which one is best?

I know it's subjective, but just wanted opinions really.

The simplistic way I see it, is that the 333 is more versatile. 3 channels, 3 independant EQs and a switchable effects loop.

But does the 1990 have any advantages?
The 1990 is a Marshall JCM900 clone and the 333 is a Peavey XXX clone.

Meaning, they aren't really very similar.

As far as I know, the 1990 is not an SL-X clone, which is (IMO and arguably) the only good version of the JCM900. It's most likely a Dual Reverb clone, meaning that (again, IMO) it's mostly only good for some punk tones or maybe nu metal.

The 333 is a XXX, which IMO is mostly good for thrashy type tones - think 80s/90s Metallica. It can give a sort of vintage feeling modern tone if boosted though. Like modern metal tones with scoop and sag, which can be a little unique. Again will work for stuff like nu metal (maybe what I was describing). Clean channel is very meh, sterile and a little gritty. Crunch is pretty meh, basically just like the lead channel but with less gain. A lot of people probably just use this and boost it rather than using the 3rd channel.
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IMO The 333 is better. My buddy got a 333XL and the clean tone is incredible. The Overdrive channels definitely need a boost but they are pretty good. Downside is he turned it on one day recently and all the power tubes blew at once. Currently it's being looked at by Bugera themselves after it cost him $80 to ship back. http://www.sevenstring.org/forum/4138548-post1.html

TL;DR The 333 is better, but it's gonna burn your house down. Get something more reliable.

You can get a XXX or JSX (the real thing) used for the price of a new Bugera.
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Neither I bought the 1990 infinium here in Australia belfield music sent it to galactic music under warranty and they can't figure out the channel switching rebooting problem it's been three times do yourself a favor get something more reliable there are heaps of alternatives in now stuck with this amp that does not work.I was told the infinium was free of the 1990 issues.NOT WORTH THE HASSLE.
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Get a used XXX. I wish I had done that first instead of getting a 333. Xxx is superior build and crunch. They go anywhere from$300 to $700 on eBay every week. I can't get anyone to steal the Bugera.
I have a 333XL and it can't hold a candle to my XXX II or my XXX's. I actually paid less for my second XXX than I did a new 333XL. Now I can't give the 333XL away. Worst decision I ever made.
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I have a 333XL and it can't hold a candle to my XXX II or my XXX's. I actually paid less for my second XXX than I did a new 333XL. Now I can't give the 333XL away. Worst decision I ever made.

I'm sure you could give it away. Where are you located?
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