Haven't used this pedal in a wile. Powered it up. Plugged in. The two higher octave sliders are not working. Nothing was stored on top of this pedal. Sliders move freely. The rest of the pedal works perfectly. All the preset sounds are perfect.

Playing threw it with the dry output all the way down. When sliding either of these two all with way up a very faint distorted 'thump' is the only sound.

Hope this is an easy fix. I have no electronic skills.

It’s probably got dust in the slider mechanisms. Buy a can of compressed air at an office supply or hardware store and use the included plastic tube to blow dust out of the tracks. While you’re at it open the pedal up and blow out the inside, too.
Did the compressed air in the can thing. Still not working. Even opened it up and blue out the inside. Inside looked dust free when I opened it. Sprayed it out anyway. I didn't take the circuit board out. Is there a good way to pull the circuit board out without causing damage?
thats what started with my 10 band. then buzzing and popping. i will fix it some day.

could try deoxit. i did, but it didnt help
OK now using a combo of air and contact cleaner. Letting it set for a few hours after soaking the faders down with cleaner. Getting some results. Still don't know why this happened. I have not infestations. No wildlife and don't have a pet.

Think from now on when I'm not using this unit it'll go into a plastic bag. Open as to not allow condensation. But fully covered.