I built my budget tube amp with a Valveking head and a Marshall 1960 cab. I use a schecter w/ active EMG's, but I want to change that in the future. I'm going to upgrade the tubes soon, but I'm happy with the tone overall. I mostly play "post-hardcore" but I don't like the gain too high.

I'm trying to build my rig back up, and next is effects. The only stompboxes I have are a Korg tuner and a BOSS loop pedal. I need delay, reverb (I like being able to stombox my reverb), maybe tremolo (for one small part of one of my songs), probably a tubescreamer.

The main thing I need advice on is going multieffects or not, such as the Line 6 Floor Pod 400 my friend was going to sell.

I'm low on money and this is an easy way to get many effects
It lets me experiment with effects I would otherwise never buy (tremolo, synth)
If it has modeling, I could use it for DI recording (I suck at recording otherwise)
I could use it as a backup if my amp goes down (happened before)
I can use it to travel with and play/record
Lets me keep specific setting for songs if I play live

Might screw up my tone (definitely don't want that!)
Might sound subpar with effects (not that big of a deal right now)

You guys probably know a lot more than me. I was thinking I could run this through the effects loops and it might spare my tone completely from being altered. I probably would get a OD pedal separate to run through the front.

What do you think?
Can you borrow his mutli? You could try it with your rig and see if you like it or not.
I'll ask.

I definitely could use some advice about the effects look thing from you guys though, because I'm not educated on these matters.
They'll go together nicely.
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I would highly recommend the TC Electronics Nova System, run it into the loop of your amp and you can run it in pedal mode so all footswitches turn on/off their labeled effect. I have one and it sounds very, very good.

If you are not happy with the gain of your ValveKing a reasonably easy fix would be to find a distortion or Overdrive pedal that gets you the tone you like and run through the ValveKing Clean(est) channel/settings.

So in effect you would potential be adding additional channels/sound options to the unit.

Depending on where you are you should be able to get a used Nova System for well below $300.

And...(a bonus IMHO of with the Nova System) it as a very solid, programmable Noisegate that is very effective. So in addition to giving you virtually every modulation, delay, reverb you get EQ, noisegate etc....great value for money. Midi as well so if you ever get a midi capable amp you can create a very versatile/preset based setup.

I actually use a Decibel Eleven Switch Doctor to handle front end effects and control the Nova System via midi...what's cool about that is I get the advantage of having presets for the Nova System via the Switch Dr., but because the Switch Dr is handling that I can leave the Nova system in Pedal mode....killer.

I also have the Boss GT-100 as my back up, great unit, blows doors on the POD 400, I actually had the HD500 and upgraded to the GT-100, and now the new Ver. 2 update adds Boss' latest pedals...run it 4 cable method you get to use your amp on patches you want or use the modeling if you want.

The Nova System can run direct to a PA as well because it has an analog OD/DS circuit up front and a cabinet simulated mode out for those cases where you might need a backup for want to simply your rehearsal setup.
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Well the thing is that I can probably get this Line 6 Floor POD 400 for $150 or less. With a deal like that I'm curious about the Line 6 specifically.

My biggest question is if I can avoid killing the tube tone by using it through the effects loop only.