Hey UG. It's been a while. I started writing this one almost a year ago - it sat on the backburner for a long time with me not knowing what to do with it, hating it even. Do you guys ever have that? Putting so much time into a song that you start hating it? At some point I hated it so much that I had to finish it. It's not very rational but I think the end result is passable... a concept proggish song that goes on for over 15 minutes and represents a lot of what my life has been recently, I guess.

Well. Take a listen. Don't feel obliged to C4C or anything like that, it's been a year since I've last been in this forum, I'm going to take a listen around anyway.

have a good one.

Edit: you can listen to a VST version of the song on my soundcloud. Link on signature!
the dragon and the snake.zip
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I'm not sure if I should clap or if I should cry. Ditto CheesyMozarella... That was incredible.

I wish I could do that....
Oh my god, you're back. Can you stick around this time? Also, thanks for the crit on Ouroboros I'll crit as I listen. I've really missed your stuff.

I'm not sure if I like 25 much at first, but the whole chord at 28 is sweet. I love that shit. Anyways, I listened from 25-37 a few times, and it grew on me... But at first, I was worried that the high piano chords sounded too muffled... I think the problem was mostly at bar 30. But it's fine. It just took a while to get used to.

Bar 55, oh my godddd, the key changes OH MY GOD MORE YESSSSS I MISSED YOU SO MUCH

Riff at 140 is so badass.

267, there is something so emotional about those chords.

The high piano at 324, I love how you brought back that theme. Sounds so good here. I like how the outro feels a bit more positive than the previous bits. It's still a bit wistful, but it feels like acceptance, moving forward, etc. I guess it fits with the concept of the song. Speaking of which, bringing back "Through the Clouds" at 276 was a really nice touch.

Overall... Well, as usual, extremely good stuff. Do you have a skype addy or anything? I've also followed you on soundcloud, I'll be listening to the rest of your stuff soon.
That was beautiful. I don't have time to be as in depth as I'd like, but based on this one listen, that was a magnificent and emotional roller coaster of an epic track. There was impressive use of time and tempo, along with competent writing on all instruments. I can tell you put a lot of thought into every note. I always love a well written drum track.

Also, I especially love your eclectic use of piano, which is a lot for me to say because I don't particularly enjoy piano in metal very often. Your chord usage was simply top tier. I love big, thick chords, and you delivered. The solos were all works of art in their own right, and your chug usage was nice and dynamic in the heavy sections.

The most poignant moment for me was probably the part about love. However, the whole thing was very moving. Thanks for writing this and showing this to us. It's an honor to listen to such well written tunes and you can bet I'll be listening to this for pleasure later on.
That was great!The songwriting is excellent from start to finish and everything is perfect.Amazing work!
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I don't know if there's any point for me to crit this, since I don't really "get" this kind of music.

Anyway it starts off super nice. I can't give you anything other than praise for the first three sections.

I just realized, I like everything except the heavy distorted parts, so I'm just gonna talk about them.

The snake is fine, at least the first part. Maybe it's guitar pro, but I feel like the song really changed identity, like this part doesn't really fit. I don't know, man. I just have a really tough time with the dissonance. I mean, if you read the section titles, it really fits the sound. But it's not that pleasant (for me) to listen to.

I wish I could say stuff about it, but I really dislike it, and I think it's only due to the dissonance. It's pretty cool stuff though, but in a way that I think PsyOpus is cool. I'm sure there are other that enjoy it though.

3. love is shit but you still write about it is amazing. It really reminds me of someone else who used to post stuff on this forum, but I can't recall his/hers name. The chord changes and stuff, I don't get them, but damn if they don't sound real purdy. The drums are real balanced too, really fits. as do the basslines.

The solo at 348 is, like, reaaaal good. I hope you'll record this someday, if only for that solo.

Ok, so I guess that's the end of my ramblings. Oh, also thanks for your crit on the dtprog song.
Thanks everyone! Mozarella, you have a point there, that part isn't really all that consistent with what the rest of the song is musically... it's there because at some point I needed to convey some really messed up shit in my head (I kind of identify with the snake.) and that came out.

RedDeath I'll PM you.