Not posting much lately as I have been between jobs and busy with my own projects, one of them is what I want to talk about. I am going to give you the nutshell version to try and not lose your attention span.

I am in the process of creating a system to manage purchases and inventory (for now), most of it is done but I want to have some people test it in a real busness environment before I start selling it. With that said I am not selling anything at this point. The users (customers) I can get here will have FREE unlimited access to ths system for LIFE. You may say, what is in for this guy? Nobody does anythying for free! And you are right, there is a catch. All I want in return is constructive feedback so I can make the system better before I start selling it. That is it, plain and simple.

I already have a couple of small companies using it but I need to get more movement so I can see how things play out and improve the system. I made a short (well, not that short) video for some people that requested it. In this video you can see the system in action. The video is a couple of months old and the system has already been improved quite a bit thanks to feedback I have received. Enough chatter, here is the link to the demo:


Watch in 1080p so the screen becomes clear.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via email at "fcarpio at qiasys dot com".
This is a little screenshot fot the software to give you an idea of what it looks like now: