It was maybe a bit uninspired, I just felt like I've heard it before many times. It didn't really have much dynamics, for a five minute track it gets a bit jarring if the drum beat stays the same almost the whole song. The last minute of the song however had some nice twists, and there's nothing wrong with the music itself.

Your guitar tones are really cool, really nice fuzz tones and beautiful leads. The lead parts were good imo, nice solos with a good feeling. Some parts, like at 3:30 had a nice use of layers, the way you recorded multiple tracks with varying panning made the song sound a lot more immersive, and I liked it. Overall, it was maybe a bit too long for the style (and for my tastes) and it didn't have anything new really, but it was a nice listen. And it got stuck in my head
Thank you for your comments.
This song for me is about sound and mood, so you are probably right that on the surface there isn't much going on .For me it's in the little details.

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