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I've never taken lessons and I'm wondering if my picking form is erroneous. I want it to be as mechanically efficient as possible. If you notice in the video, I angle my thumb downward, which I believe is wrong, but I'm not positive. I"ve been trying to amend this by playing very slowly w/ a metronome, but when I improvise (as in the video) it rears its ugly head. What do you think? Should I continue to try to amend this issue? Is there anything else wrong with my picking? I always come to you guys because your advice is the most sound and I appreciate it very much.
Oh, also, I apologize for the less than ideal sound quality. Shitty laptop built in speakers and the like. Gear for those curious: mexi tele, ditto looper, tc flashback, boss da-2, peavey delta blues 115.


I can't say much about your technique as mine isn't really good to begin with but it does look fine to me. What I can say about the thumb pointing downwards thing though is that it mainly affects your pick angle which is down to preference as it affects tone. There's videos on youtube by Guthrie Govan and Paul Gilbert that explains it really well.
Yeah the angle of your pick is fine, if you want a bit of a smoother sound you can practice playing with the pick parallel to the string but it's your preference.

Your picking looks okay,but try to use smaller motions as this is much more efficient. Make sure to keep yourself relaxed, you seem to be okay in the video but obviously I can't really tell if you feel tense or not. Pay attention especially to your shoulder for tension, because it seems to be the hardest part of your body to relax when picking.

You also might want to move your elbow a little bit when moving from the highest to lowest strings and vice versa, just enough to keep your pick angle consistent across the strings.
Picking hand looks fine, I'd take a look at your fretting hand personally. Your thumb is over the top all the time and your fingers are all bunched together. For what you're doing it works well enough but it's definitely not ideal; your fingers should be pretty evenly spread most of the time and your thumb should default to being behind the neck unless you specifically need it over the top for bending and the like.
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