Hi All

I've been using the MXR Carbon Copy and the TC hall or fame reverb on a couple of recordings recently. (http://soundcloud.com/morphitis/seeing-in-black-and-white). I'm interested in the ambient effects and swells you can get.

Does anyone have any experience with any other reverbs or delays to get different ambient sounds or any different pedals which you use to achieve these kinds of sounds?

Look forward to hearing what you guys are using.

Thanks, M
I use a Hall of Fame on the "church" setting with a Flashback on the "mod" setting. Turn the decay way up on the HoF and it'll swell for days...I've been doing some stuff where I use a slide with swells to create what sounds like ghosts having a conversation; perfect for interlude type stuff in my songs.

I like having the Flashback on the "mod" setting because it adds a little chorusy shimmer to the sound. I've been toying with the idea of getting a dedicated chorus pedal though just to be able to tweak that parameter. I'm a little hesitant though because most chorus pedals I've owned have sounded like an 80's cheese-fest.
Strymon Big sky

(I don't own this one tho but I wish I did)
I have a Line 6 M9 and use the Digital Delay, Spring verb and the Octo verb. In all combinations. I'm happy with all of them.

I use all of my pedals for ambiance though. Totally washed. I love my Mooer Eleclady.
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I use a strymon el capistan and neunaber wet reverb. Sounds awesome.

I also have an alesis midiverb 4. The concert hall reverb at 100% wet with a little modulation on it sounds incredible for ambience. There is no guitar signal. Just this blooming wash of swirly reverb.
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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I have a TC Electronic Flashback X4 & a EHX Hall of Fame reverb.

I only really use 3 delays on the X4, and 2 are fairly similar, so I might just change up to 2 separate pedals and save some board space. I'm in love with the hall reverb on the Hall of Fame.
Carbon copy and HOF is a great combo. Good value and easy to use pedals, sound great live and at home. These are the two ambient pedals I came back to after several TGP related affairs... (CB echorec, eventide space, WET, spring theory etc)
I like to combine my Carbon Copy and TC Electronic Nova Repeater to get some nice ambient tones for volume swells or really long notes. The Carbon Copy is usually set for faster repeats and the Nova is set to a longer setting and they both have quite a bit of decay dialed in.
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Thanks for the suggestions on pedals and different settings to try out.

KaiLM I see what you mean with how the delays and reverb can interact like that, swells sound amazing.

Has anyone had any use of the Walrus Audio Descent Reverb? I've seen it on a few periphery studio updates but wondered if any one had had any first hand experience with it.
I use my Neunaber WET Reverb & my MXR Carbon Copy Delay. I also just had a MOD reverb tank installed in my Sunn SL 160 and it sounds fantastic. All of this through my Hartman Analog Flanger & my MXR Bass Octave Deluxe and you just can't get more ethereal than that, can you?