About two years into the V3M now. The footswitch shorted out on me. The amp hasn't though, and even after a big spill courtesy of my drummer. I have a 1x12, 2x12 and 4x12 I run it through, and plenty of NYC backline cabs (mostly 4x12s). The 7/22/50w switch is great, though I mostly use 7w unless its an outside venue with projection. I use an Ibanez TS DX (in classic mode and on most of the time), and an OCD to push up solos (standard vintage pedals in addition on my board).

The V3M is all a working NYC guitarist needs. Clean, in between, and blistering, it pretty much does whatever I need, just short of scooped nu metal.

A slightly oversized lunchbox with a mighty kick and roar. And don't listen to the naysayers who haven't "worked" with one. I have, and I'll tell you, it is a formidable piece of equipment and I make money with it. And it is dead quiet. Nothing worse than a gig with a "singer" and at the end of the song your noise floor is almost as loud as the singer. Silence is golden, and the V3M always does it.

Its not really the gear you play on, but how YOU play. I have a friend with some awesome vintage gear, and in the heat of the moment, he sounds great. But the hum and squak in between kills him. And with all that noise how are you going to cut through and really stand out? The V3M gets me there, with a LP or a PRS.

And watch the official Carvin demos if you don't believe me. But believe.