What up guys

So I've got a EVH Wolfgang and a Gibson Les Paul with 57/57 classic plus and I play through a 50w 5150 III.

I like all sorts of blues, hard rock/metal.

I love my LP and it's what I've mainly been playing lately. However, I find myself having to use the Wolfgang to get the sound I want for the heavier end of my music spectrum.

SO, I actually have a Duncan Custom Sh-5 thats been sitting here in a box brand new for about a year now. I might go ahead and toss it in my LP for fun. I know a lot of people love these in a gibby. I would be doing my own soldering, just wondering if its even worth my time. Has anyone directly compared the 57+ and the Custom in a LP. It seems like it would probably be very similar and an LP. I'm sure there would be a good difference between a regular 57... but the plus??
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i haven't tried it in a LP but it's a fair hot ceramic pickup so I'm guessing there's going to be a fair amount of difference.
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are you afraid to solder your Gibby? i would leave it alone..try the pup out in a cheap guitar
Ive tried an SH-5 in a schecter c-1 that a friend has, and i found it worked well wih the mahogany, even if it did scoop the tone a little.

should work well with an LP

Give it a go and if you dont like it then swap back.
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