MFR 01/09 - Heads Down, Fuzz Up: Shoegaze Part 1: Influence - 1990

So basically I'm attempting a 4 part mix over the next 4 slots. Basically my guide to Shoegaze.

This week is part one. I've started with stuff pre-1990, combined with some of the music that I feel from listening to it has clearly influenced the genre.

I've done little annotations on the mix to explain some of the choices.

So enjoy, and join me again in 3 weeks time for part 2, 1990-1996

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08/9/2014 - ChemicalFire(666)
15/9/2014 - KirkAsking4Satan
22/9/2014 - AnnihiSSlateR
29/9/2014 - severed-metal
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A conceptual 4 part shoegaze mix? Has somebody been peeking at my Christmas list?
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My hopes are already high, Neilus Von Kvlten. I must thank you for making this 8 tracks though as the really long mixes were becoming tedious. So far so good though, just on the Ronettes so the first track. So many memories. I feel eighty.

EDIT: Mind throwing me on the list, please and thanks.

EDITEDIT: I never really listened to Bowie, or Pink Floyd or really any other "big" bands or names. Reasons unknown. Just never felt compelled I guess, but the tracks presented made me change my mind a little. This list felt longer than 16 minutes, but I blame that to my inability to grasp new music within the accurate time frame, so everything feels longer.

The Cure I've had brief brushes with, like that song about cats or whatever else. Really good stuff.

I didn't like The Jesus and Mary Chain that much.

A.R. Kane, Cocteau Twins, & Galaxie 500 were both pretty rad. I think you'd have to be inhuman not to like this mix though.
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Not sure why it considers it to be 16 minutes. It's actual running time is 30:42. Obviously some glitch there.

Glad you liked it though.

With Bowie and Floyd, neither are typical of the bands sound, or even the era due to how much variety of sound they had. So do proceed with a little bit of caution there.
Yea it always says mine are way shorter then they are.

Great mix. No reason to not to get my hopes up. Never heard that David Bowie track and I didn't know he ever sounded like that. Jesus and the Mary Chain are of course great. Galaxie 500 also one of my favorites. The first track by the Ronettes was awesome. I'm getting into that kind of music so will definitely check them out.
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

I'm not the biggest Bowie fan, but what I do like is how much he changed his sound over the years.
For a bit of context, this is my favourite track by him

The whole B Side of the Low album was like that.

But the A Side was completely different, with this being arguably the best know song from the album.

As for The Ronettes, You'll probably want to look for a best of Phil Spector, who pioneered the Wall of Sound recording technique. "A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector" is mandatory listening as far as I'm concerned.

Glad you liked the mix though. Hopefully you'll like the next instalment just as much.
Just realised I'm not gonna be home until the 10th. If someone wants to trade with me for my spot that'd be cool. Else I'll just get it up late.
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