It's pretty cool. Very skilled guitarist obviously. There are some passages that seem more inspired to me than others. I really like the little thing that starts @1:32. That's a cool lick... It's a more exotic scale than some of the other stuff. Really pretty.

If I had a complaint, it might be that I wish you got that in there a little earlier. That part would really grab people, IMO. That's just a first impression though. I might feel differently about that later. But yeah, I thought that was the coolest part, even though it was fairly simple compared to some other parts.
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Oh you find this hard to categorize? Maybe that's cuz it sounds pretty awesome. I just had two cups of espresso. This is exactly what I want to hear right now. It's not at 'shred' level, I would just call it a solo, but you clearly understand how to make some bitchin riffs as well as play the guitar well to the point where the solo consistently sounds good. The backing is just a backing track rlly, nothing special but you should record this and make it a full arrangement!

Very clean playing and good use of techniques like the slight pinch harmonics. My favourite lick was the one around 1:35, really cool neoclassical sounding run, I like it. Like Owen said above, I would say the backing track could have changed a bit throughout the piece, just to add some variation. The large supply of riffs you perform keeps it from getting boring, but I still feel like it could do with some key changes or even just a change in the groove at some point.

Thanks for the critique on my song!
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I agree with the above, the song would've been more interesting if the backing track had varied some more. But the lead playing, that is obviously the important part here, was pretty amazing. I liked the parts where you synced the solo with the drum hits, overall your playing is really beautiful and you have great ideas and you clearly know how to use them.

My only complaint is that as a solo, this wasn't that inspired in my opinion, sounds actually pretty generic for the better part of the song. But that might be just me, I'm an experimental music fan so my opinion might not count here