Hello everyone,

I've bought a Squire Strat today w/ a small Blackstar amp.

I plug the guitar n stuff and at certain spots the strings shock my fingers, over time it felt like almost every place in the guitar is shocking me.

What could it be ? Both guitar and amp are new.

btw; the amp stands on the floor, any chance it's related ?
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I would think it is an amp problem. A guitar should only put out a signal to the amp and that signal is quite weak less than half a volt AC. Could be static electricity from just shuffling on the carpet. Best bet see if it happens with other guitars. Then you will know for sure.
try them on a different outlet in your house. Lots of houses have bad/shoddy wiring.

If that doesn't work take it back to the shop
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Does the wall socket you're connecting the amp to have ground?
If not, that can be the issue.
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Oh thank you very much for quick responses.

I'm not sure wheter I have ground/ing in the wall socket.. I've tried different socket in same room, still shocked me.

However, if I wear shoes/sandals/whatever, I don't feel anything .. wtf?

I'll try plugging the amp in different room and see if any difference... weird stuff ^_^

The problem was the amp was connected with a 2 pin connector, and 3 pin connector solved the issue.
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