Hi guys,

This is a song my band and I recorded about 7 months ago, but I never really got any proper feedback about it from anyone. If you could give it a review we'd really appreciate it!

And of course it's C4C, I'm pretty quick when it comes to reviewing back too

Here's the song: https://soundcloud.com/theconsequences/vacillation

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Oh God I lol'ed

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Very catchy main riff. Intro is simple, but effective. Kind of sounds like "Surf Rock." If that's the sound you were shooting for, very well done.

The interlude that repeats 8x (1:34 - 1:56) is too much, in my opinion, unless there is supposed to be some kind of lead over it? Or maybe live, you get the crowd to chant along to something. Just feels like empty space on the recording, though -- needs something to spice it up or just cut it shorter.

Also, the guitar seems to drop off a cliff to end the song. You might consider continuing the lead in the same register. That could totally just be me, though.

damnn, expected a guitar solo at 1:57. Would´ve fit perfectly! but nontheless I like it , nice catchy up-tempo song, bit short for a song tho, but what I know
Thanks guys, it's our finishing song when we perform live and that interlude is where we give our thanks etc. Also we're only a 3 piece so solos tend to drag the momentum of our songs down, we try to avoid them generally. I'm glad you guys seemed to like it. I know it's short, but it got to a point where there was nothing else we felt needed to be added, so we left it short but sweet.

Thanks again guys.
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Oh God I lol'ed

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Would you like to see my Soundcloud?
I love Padgea7x
Reminds me a bit of Franz Ferdinand. WHile the guitar parts are extremely simple, it works well with the lyrics and sound of the vocals you give it. I like the blusey chorus a lot! The tremolo really needed to lead to something though, and I'm not a fan of the very basic repeating chord around 1:34, it just recycles something you've already heard and brings nothing new to the song. I'll accept short and sweet though, the production and composition are all really good as well. Keep it up!
The mix is good.
Bass lines are so good! I just like them alot haha
The guitar tone goes pretty well with the song
If it was my song i would have put a rhytim guitar at the intro at :12 instead of the same melody over one another
It was pretty good!