Hey guys,

I've been sitting on an albums worth of material (just over 30 minutes) and I'm really struggling to get myself to record any of it. I am pretty judgemental about my own work but for the most part I am happy with it.

What do you guys do to get yourself motivated to record? I'm doing this all on my own and it's starting to look REAAAAALLY daunting.
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Try and set a goal.

Like in Julie & Julia, which wasn't a great movie if ya ask me, but it does have some points.
It also features Amy Adams but that's not the point.

Also usually the most difficult thing is getting at it, then it gets more enjoyable after some minutes doing it, so find an excuse to go doing it for a bit and then you'll probably be there for hours.
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Just start one track at a time. Start one, take as long as you need, and finish it. Once you have one completed track that you can listen to and appreciate, it will motivate you to record more. (At least it does for me!) Good luck!
I'd personally get some rough reference demos recorded. And then re-record each song properly. Hearing them unpolished and rough would motivate me to improve on them. They don't need to be perfect from the beginning. You just need to start doing something. Hopefully it'll all spiral on from there.
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I love you guys. That's why. Also the tabs are always fun to play, and the awesome finger-style arrangements we get make me happy. I'd be willing to say that a lot of users, like myself, are on here every day even though we don't post anything on a regular basis.
Book time with yourself and set a release deadline just like you would if someone else were recording you. Keeps you from worrying about the things that no-one will notice (should X be <1dB louder/softer, etc.).
I think many of us go through this, I know I do. I frustrate myself for no reason other than my own procrastination. I can tell you what I recently started doing like others mentioned: I set a deadline for a song. I actually mark it in the date book I use for work (and band dates). I set up a schedule for working on a specific project either mixing, recording or mastering. I schedule times based on my availability and at times when I am several days away from having just played a gig or about to play a gig so I am not burned out from playing. Once it is written in my book I really try hard to adhere to this schedule, no excuses. I have only been doing this since the beginning of this year but so far I am much more productive than ever with less stress about what I am not doing.
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Yes, set a deadline/schedule for yourself, but don't push it too quick. You can tell yourself 'I want to get this album done by ______".
One song at a time works better if you are doing everything yourself. I typically will work on one song for a while, and maybe only record scratch tracks for other songs so I don't forget them. If you're not finding yourself motivated to do one song, try the next one. Maybe the songs aren't as 'ready' as you think, causing the hesitation.
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All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
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You can be the deputy llamma of the recordings forum!
It's not just about deadlines - try and break it down into smaller tasks, and visualise the end goal of each bit you attempt. I mean, my band are currently in pre-production/writing for our next album and as far as my role goes I'm making demos of all the songs, as well as contributing to the writing.

Obviously making demos via programming drums and playing all the guitar parts/bass parts/doing guide vocal tracks isn't fun when it's just for a demo, but I do it bit by bit and think of having each finished demo to show the others so they can listen in their own time and learn it all better. I also visualise it bringing us closer to actually recording the album (and all the other stuff we'll be doing then) and, finally, I visualise the 'fun' part of the demoing, which is decent mix practice for myself - I've got a hell of a lot better at having mixes that translate properly since our last album, two years ago, and with each demo mix I am expanding my skillset and getting good practice ahead of when we get to the mixing of this next album.

Basically, just try and picture what you're aiming for and how much you can enjoy it, and it'll help you trundle through the tedious, perfectionist elements of the recording process. It's also perfectly fine to take breaks during long sessions, whether it's to get some food or go out for a bit or play video games.
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I heard it on RecordingRevolution's youtube channel, but I found that telling myself I have a deadline is useless. I had much more success if I told other people that I would be releasing something around X date, be it family or friends. That way you have social pressure to spur you on. I did it with my death metal EP last year, and I am now almost done with a full prog-psych album because I know if I didn't, all of the people I've been telling I'm doing an album would think I'm a right prick

Edit: that and as Disarm says above, I break it down by putting every track and part into a grid on paper and slowly filling it in as parts are written and recorded. I'm a compulsive box-ticker so it works for me.
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You will become a good musician in future and so many people will ask you for your autographs. Imagine the situation, and get motivated.
You can motivate yourself by imagining the situation as you have become the great musician and people are waiting for your autographs. I agree with Matthews opinion. You can read books of famous writers. If you have the talent and creative skill definitely you can become the famous person in future no doubt!!