I was doing a lot of alt picking for 5 or 6 years, this year I started economy picking more and seems everything I do now is economy picked, If I want to alt pick a scale, even 2 nps parts, I seem to have to concentrate to alt pick now, naturally I economy, strange because I've been alt picking fine for years. I was wondering if this happens to most people who go from alt to eco.
Is it bad that I've been playing since 2006 and still use primarily down picking? Unless it's a clean riff, then it's either alt or finger.
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What made you switch to economy picking?

Frank Gambale made a few good points in vid I saw, can't seem to find it now. Basically less picking, smoother sound for some riffs

I wanted to learn just to add a new technique to my playing, I really didn't want it to take over! This is why I ask, is this the only technique that always takes over once you do it a bit...
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