Lookin through your window
Starting to feel strange
I know everything about you
You don't know my name

Watch you from a distance
You don't know I exist
I've become a creeper
Some may say obsessed

Lookin through your window
I watch you get dressed
I was with you on vacation
Friday night out with friends

Hold onto the memories
The details you will share
Mine are all imaginary
I was never there

Will you ever notice
I been watching you
Will you ever see me
Through the lens I view you
It sounds kinda like a more graphic/sleazy version of Iris by GooGoo Dolls. I like it
I perv on people's signatures.

I need a job
Nicely written and I like the style of writing. I have read the poem with a style of rap and I think the style well suits the song that you written.
Yes as of heatherpatton said the lyrics will be suitable for the rap style of background score and not for the melody and pop so, if you try to use the rap style of music means then it will be good to hear the song.
i love the fourth stanza... "I was never there" is so unexpected. Nice!
I can feel the song, there is some flow between each line, I think you are having good creative skills. I really like your lyrics. You can improve a lot...