If you could show in percentages how important you think some parts of tone are.
For me its.

50% How, what style you play, techniques!
40% Your Equipment (Amp). A tube amp sounds better than solid for me (The cleans).
10% Knowing your equipment, playing with familiar guitars.
I don't care, because my shit sounds great for what I do
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percentages are a stupid way to quantify something like this.
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It's not all but to me, it's the most important thing followed by how you use the equipment followed by the equipment themselves (pick-ups, amps and effects).

And, that 50% in your breakdown is technically fingers. So while it isn't all, it's definitely a major part. Sure, you're never gonna get that Hendrix/SRV sort of tone out of a les paul but how you play really affects your tone. I remember Guthrie being asked how to get a Robben Ford tone and he told the story of how he (Ford) was invited on stage to play, picked up someone else's guitar which is different from what he normally plays and he still sounds like Robben Ford.

So long story short, they all play a part, big or small.
We should all shut the **** up and worry about playing well and sounding good and having a good amp. That will get you much farther than a dumb internet message board argument.
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its 100% amp.
Nothing else.
Not your fingers, pickups, pedals.

Just the amp.
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