I really like it!
I dont know why i thought for a moment i was playing metroid or castlevania
Dude, this is sick stuff! Sounds very alien haha Really outside the box, that's for sure. Sounds like it could be from an x files episode. Cant really complain, cant say much other than, i dug this. This kind of thing probably wont be for everyone, but for me it works! If you dont mind me asking, how'd u make this?
This is bizarre and unique, definetly something I would listen to, I wish there was more happening in terms of percussion or a beat but that could completely change what your going for. This would really benefit from some acoustic neo-classical arpegios! I also listened to They Found the Body and found it to be a strange yet trippy track. I like a lot of the genres you do on your page!

C4C please?
Thank you for your kind replies! I C4C'd.

Quote by awesomo41894
If you dont mind me asking, how'd u make this?

Basically a lot of VST plugins simulating analog synths. Eminent-V 310 Strings Ensemble for the main riff, M-Tron Pro for the vibraphone and DIVA for everything else. And of course, tons of reverb and delay.