Well I'm about to buy this guitar and I just want people's takes on this guitar.
Where is this made?
Anybody with the same model?
I played it before and love it.
I want your reviews and thoughts on this Guitar, Thanks!
I've not played it, so I'm unfamiliar with it. I have played Takamines though, and they are pretty decent; good bang for the buck.

I don't the specifics on where the guitars are made, but I assume because it's a Japanese company, they probably have Japanese factories.

The important thing for you though is just making sure that you like it. Guitars suit people very differently, so even if I hate it, it could still be a great guitar

It looks real nice though, hopefully you enjoy it!
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I've Tried it and i love it! Thanks! By the way im very mixed between the NEX body and the dreadnought. Both fit and are comfortable to me. Any suggestions? And since is Takamine's Highest end G-series, would it be make in Korea or Japan?
Because it's the highest end, it's almost definitely in Japan. Rule of thumb is Japan hosts some of the best factories, always over China and Korea.

As for the body style, I'm afraid again i can't really help you The NEX is unique to Takamine and I've never played one with that body style, so I'm unfamiliar with it. My acoustic is a dreadnought, and I love it. it's very comfortable and pretty versatile. But again, those are just my tastes
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence
Is yours the NEX or dreadnought. I have played many NEX's ,and yet to find one with much guts.

As could be expected from the shallower and smaller design. However plugged in they hold their own.

I don't know where that one is made, however I wouldn't think Japan. In the Taki world these are pretty much entry level. Anyway who cares, if it sounds good and it feels good to play, go for it. Cheers
Oh okay thanks guys. I currently use a Dreadnought so im thinking i'll try out an NEX.

And Isn't a NEX basically the size of a grand concert? Its a sized down jumbo to me.

I'm for sure getting this model. The one im currently using is a Seagull S6 Entourage Rustic.

The dreadnought style creates temporary wrinkles and it kinda hurts so I dont know.
My Takamine is a G series dreadnaught, check the sticker inside the sound hole, country of origin should be printed there. Mine is Japan, Takamine also has a factory in China.

Don't know anything about the NEX, I prefer to go for dreadnaught and live with the wrinkles. I bought mine because it played and sounded great. That's what you look for, the one that plays and sounds good to you. I have to use mine onstage and in the practice room, so it has to be electric/acoustic, play good and sound good. I looked at acoustics for over 6 months before I got it...the only other one I liked was a Guild, and I missed it, when I went back with a down payment on payday it was gone...
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I play a Takamine Jasmine S-35 made in Indonesia. For a mass produced guitar it has a nice warm sound with a comfortable action. Tuning pegs are cheaply made so I replaced them,other than that; I love my Taki.
This was on my short list and I probably would have got this or one of the other G series guitars but I found a used Yamaha A1R for $425- love this guitar. The action is perfect, very low and still no buzzing anywhere(great fret job!). This was my first acoustic with rosewood back and sides(others are mahogany and maple) and I was surprised how drastic the difference in tone is. The rosewood is much darker with deep lows and not quite as loud(or bright) as the mahogany. At first I wasn't sure but I'm starting to love it. Seems to have more clarity but there are a few songs that I think sound better with the mahogany b/s- songs which have solos or fills on the low strings. Ok sorry to change the subject but I wouldn't have any reservations about buying a Tak, especially a mid/higher end model. They have a very good reputation.