after playing guitar for a couple years i feel like its about time to teach myself how to solder. any tips? like i ordered a joyo fuzz pedal, read about some mods. would like to try those. also like installing pickups and such. instead of having to pay/wait for others to do it.

i guess id have to start of with the basics. the soldering iron tool. what are your experiences? im new to this and id def like to learn it. seems like a good thing to know for repairing/modding various electronics music and otherwise. how difficult is it? what could i use to practice. good place to start i think. thanks in advance.
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watch some on youtube.

what maters is, diameter or solder, flux core or sold core, flux, heading the joint and letting it flow in and not dripping it from above.

wanna get good? get some wire and practice.

thats how i started it.
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The best place to start would probably be just buying some thin-ish wires and a soldering iron, and soldering them together. You could also get a couple cheap crappy pots (potentiometers) to try since most of the soldering you'll be doing in a guitar will be soldering wires to pots. The rest will be soldering to pickups/selector switch/jack, but it's all basically the same technique.

The hardest part for me has never been the soldering itself either. The hard part is stripping those tiny little wires without cutting them, and then moving them into a good position to solder them.

Also make sure you understand the basics of how all of it works, and know how to read wiring diagrams. Drawing your own wiring diagram of your guitar just by examining it can help you to understand how it all works too (plus it's nice to have just in case you screw something up )

Here's a good video explaining both soldering and basic electric guitar wiring. It's much simpler wiring than you'll find in virtually any real guitar, but the principles are the same: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K33Xj95095I
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Yeah youtube will help a lot. Some basic tips:
1. Always tin your tip
2. Buy a decent soldering iron (look into weller, hakko fx888 etc)
3. Usually ~1mm (diameter) solder wire is good for pedal mods etc. Thinner can melt faster but hard to hold it straight because its so malleable at room temp.
4. wipe iron tip with damp sponge after each solder
5. lead-free solder can be annoying
6. do it in a ventilated area