Hello I have a schecter SLS c-1 and i've noticed that in my right picking forearm due to the lack of forearm contour like on a strat, my forearm is starting to hurt / have an indent from the body. Is this due to the guitar or technique?
I actually think I figured it out, correct me if I'm wrong though. Is it due to just the body being different like a les paul?

You just need one of these:

With some padding on the underside. Very rock and roll.

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Is it something you can get around or something you get used to?

Also NO!
How long have you been playing? It's probably just as simple as muscles that haven't been used before. Think of it as going to the gym. Unless you're seriously straining your arm (which it doesn't sound like it) you'll be fine.
I've been playing for 8 years. I've had guitars with no forearm contours before like an Ibanez ICT700 but this guitar seems to be hurting my forearm quite a bit.
I'm quite tall and have quite long arms, that might have something to do with it, not sure. I've never encountered this issue with any other guitar though. Just curious on thoughts.
Learn to not lay your forearm on the edge of the body. It takes a while but you’ll get used to it.
My Schecter made my arm hurt because of the lack of an arm bevel.

Doesn't hurt anymore.
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Quote by Dound
So it's just something you get used to or what?

Yes. Just like your first TOM bridge, your first 24.75" scale, your first bass, and everything else that comes after you move on from your first strat to other instruments.