Hey'a UG!

Recently, my guitar's tone seems to of died in the ass - to put it frankly.
07 model Schecter Tempest Extreme. All original hardware except the jack and nut.
I'm running it through a Randall RG75 G3, and she's wearing brand new Ernie Ball 'Not even slinky' strings.

When I play chords - it sounds like shit. I get buzz, warble, and a dead-flat tone. Even with lighter gauges.

I know there are a million things I could do to change it. I'd rather not spend huge amounts of money on pups or preamps to do this though.

My question is: What is the most VIABLE thing I can do to clean up my tone, and remove the whole neck-length fret buzz?!


Guitar(s): .Shecter Tempest EXTREMEEEEEE
--------------Maton CW-80

Amplification: Randall RG75 G3
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No pickup in the world can adjust your truss rod for you. No sense spending money there if your guitar isn't set up properly.

Look up basic setup and truss rod adjustment tutorials, there are gobs of them on youtube and text-based sites, whatever your learning style is. It sounds like you just need a basic bridge adjustment and maybe a bit of truss rod tweaking. If your frets are worn you may need to have them leveled.

You can probably fix this yourself, but if it's really bad you can take it to a tech for a setup. It sounds like that's all you need.
You mentioned that the nut isn't stock. I've replaced nuts on guitars and the slot sizes weren't suitable for my guitar's setup, and I got a lot of buzzing. Try adjusting the truss rod and bridge first, like Roc said. If that doesn't work, there's a slight chance it could be the nut.
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