well i have problem on knowing with this chords the formula is in

C major scale
2 3 5 7

A minor Scale
2 4 5 7

its a driving me crazy cause it does have a root its the same as Cadd9 but instead of using the C it replaces with a B note, HELP!
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Depends on the context but its either Emin7 in second inversion, G13, G6 or a Rootless CMaj9 Chord.
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Em7. When you try figuring out the name of the chord, try to build a stack of thirds from the chord tones. Also, try to figure out the root note of the chord. Your chord has D, E, G and B in it. To build a stack of thirds, there needs to be a third between every note. There's a third between E and G. There's a third between G and B. And there's a third between B and D.

E G and B is an E minor chord (root note, minor third and perfect fifth makes a minor chord). The interval between E and D is a minor 7th. It's an E minor chord + a minor 7th which makes it an Em7 chord.
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