I have a guitar question for you. I was looking at new guitars today because my Takamine's bridge is lifting, its only a eg341 but I love the sound because its a little richer deeper sound. I played martins, gibsons, yamaha,taylors. I really liked the taylor 714 but i was hoping you might have some other ideas to try. The guy at the shop said he'd bring in some samples for me. I thought you might have some more advice. I'm for sure going to have him bring the Takamine ef341 but any others I should try based on the two I liked. I did kinda figure out I prefer rosewood over mahogany but i think thats all I had the choice of too. One other thing i did not like is the v neck and i like the radius a little bigger not sure if that helps. my fave guitar sounds are sheryl crow,shania twain, Marty Schiff ( Martina's brother) kimberly perry, wynonna judd Terri Clark and keith urban Can you help me.
wow. nobody can help you find " The One" that speaks to you. you're going about it the right way already.
reading your list of favorite players is making thirsty for a cheap beer though....
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I don't play much acoustic guitar but i do own a Taylor and i like it better Martins in the same price range.
For that kind of $ I would be looking first (exclusively?) at used Bourgeois, Collings, Huss and Dalton, SCGC etc, that is the boutique makes. - And doing a lot of internet research and trying before I decided. I bought a used Bourgeois by mail order after doing a lot of research, and it is the best guitar I have ever played for its intended use.

In new guitars it would be Taylor, Martin and Gibson. I like Taylors because they have a very easily resettable neck, but the downside is that it might be more failure-prone than a traditional dovetail like Martin or Gibson, or the sturdier bolt-on system of Collings and Bourgeois. I like some Gibsons, eg the J-45, and out of four Martins I've owned, three have had problems. But it really comes down to individual guitars and personal preference. based on reputation, not personal experience, the only big $ Asian make I would consider is Eastman.