Ill be running her through 4X12 celestion 30s. Have watched nearly every video out there but cant decide!. I really wanna get the Orange but im getting really offput by its solid state.

I'll be using it for practising and small gigs
Between those two, definitely not the orange, but if you want the best solution possible, please check out the first bit of this post https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showpost.php?p=31052894&postcount=2

Answer everything there, and you'll get better help
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^ yeah, follow that link TS.

Among the two anyway, I'd take the DSL hands down.
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Neither, really. Give us your budget, (rough) location, and tone you're going for (songs you want to sound like). And what gear you have already.
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He posted the same thing in the reddit guitar forum too, I noticed. Both amps look the same to a noob, its a shame he hasn't simply followed up on his posts, he'd probably learn something. Oh well, back to his Xbox he goes.
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