So I plan on playing the solo from Dream Theater's "The Best of Times" for an important audition, but my tone isn't quite right. I love it for just jamming and writing, but I want to be closer to the real sound for the audition. And I want to do it without having to buy any more equipment than I already have. My gear is as follows:

Line 6 Spider IV 75W
Boss GT-100 Board
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser with Active EMGs (81TW in the neck, 89R in the bridge)
Schecter Synyster Custom with Synyster Gates Invaders

Any help would be appreciated guys, I've been working on it for a few days now, and can't seem to get it close enough.

Edit: I have a budget of $300 to $500, and also included in my gear is a Peavey Mace 412 Combo Stack, but it unfortunately does not work anymore, and I haven't had the time to take it to Peavey for them to repair it
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Its the amp unfortunately... Spiders (and most ss amps) are very digital sounding and you can't get that warm and in-your-face punch of a tube amp.

Cheap options include:
Peavey tube 60
6505+ combo
Jet City 22 combo or 50 head

Give us a budget so we can help you. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a Mesa Mark V, I want one of those so bad lol.
My budget would probably be in the range of $300-$500 then, if that helps
I don't know if your other peavey amp is any good but the peavey JSX and XXX combos come to mind, sell your spider to afford them. Marshall makes some good combos too. 1x12 is a hell of alot easier to handle than a 2x12, which can require two people to carry.

If the cab for you older amp is fine, you could be looking at some mighty fine heads for $600.

Note that MFX processors can take an incredible amount of time to dial in a good tone, play with it a bit (but you still need a new amp asap).
You'll want a Mesa Mark IV or V
a guitar with passive pickups

The Peavey JSX/ultra is probably the best you can do at your budget.
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Quote by Robbgnarly
You'll want a Mesa Mark IV or V
a guitar with passive pickups

The Peavey JSX/ultra is probably the best you can do at your budget.

+3.1415 on all counts. also he has a few different pickup sets from dimazrio I really like the crunch and liqufire combo. i have it in a 2550EVSL prestige ibby and love them.

i also love my MKIV, but i am not his tone but i supposed that if you wanted to chase his tone that wold be the cheapest way.

get rid of the spider.
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