My grandparents gave me an old guitar that belonged to my grandmas father. It says on the inside of the guitar that it's an epiphone Broadway I'm guessing it was made in the 40's or 50's. I really love this guitar and plan on keeping it for ever hopefully. Only problem is the tuning heads are very old and need to be replaced. Every time I tried restringing this the 3rd string always snaps. So I need to know what kind of tuning heads I need and where I can find them (preferably online). Here's a link to what it looks like. Thank you

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They look to be of the Kluson style tuning peg, so something like this http://www.guitarcenter.com/Kluson-KB3-Keystone-Guitar-Tuning-Machines---3-Per-Side-Bolt-Bushing-300224-i1374083.gc should work fine, though I might be wrong.

If all else fails, and the tuning pegs don't fit through the holes, or their too small, you can always fill it and redrill
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

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I really don't want to do any drilling on this guitar brother. I really appreciate the advice I'll check it out.
yeah the redrilling would be a last resort

What you could also do, is take one of the tuning pegs off the guitar, and measure it, and compare it against other tuning peg measurements, so you know you'd get a fit. I know Kluson make a lot of vintage-style products, and I believe that for some of their tuning pegs, they also sell a special set of bushings to fit some vintage guitars.

So yeah, Kluson would be my first place to look.

Also, I did a tiny bit of research, and found that the old Epiphone Broadways used something called the Epsilon Logo Tuners. This would probably be pretty hard to do, but you could try finding the measurement info on those tuners just to get it precise, or see if you can find a replacement set or something.

Now that's I"m thinking about it as well, why do you feel the tuning pegs need to be replaced? You might be able to just fix them DIY style (unless they're totally buggered, of course).
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
It's only one tuning peg for the third string. Every time I try putting a new string on it snaps. Or I'll tighten it and it'll drop an octave. It's definitely broken. And I'm no expert on how to Fix those.