So I found this website called reverb.com, which is like ebay but for musical instruments only, mostly guitars. The stuff is mostly second hand, and there's some really cool vintage stuff. I was wondering if anyones bought anything on here, and whether its as good as it seems.

Yep Before I started building pedals, I bought all of mine there. There's all kinds of cool stuff on that site.

Just remember it's also like eBay in the sense that there's different buyers and some of them might suck. Pay attention to their rating before you buy.
i found some cool stuff there ( that i didnt find in ebay) and i had the same question after some researches i think its a trusted site and like what mjones1992 said it depends on the seller
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They must have just launched a really good marketing campaign because I just saw an ad on facebook where they were selling a digital clip on tuner for $3.99 shipped.

I bought one.
Haven't had any trouble, myself.
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