Hi I'm a beginner to guitar playing I would like to know if I used an electric tuner to tune my acoustic guitar and it shows that I'm in tuned. However the 5th fret of my Low E and my A string does not sound the same is that normal for absolute tuning?
1) change your strings
2) if your strings are new and you've tuned them all to a tuner and the fretted note on the 5th fret low E string doesn't sound in tune with the open A string, then you have a guitar with bad intonation. Bring it to a tech and see if he can fix it, but you may need a new guitar. This is actually a very common problem with lower priced acoustic guitars and is the number one thing to watch out for when shopping for a guitar.
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Depends, how far off is it? Generally, no normal guitars (or maybe any) will be absolutely in tune on every fret. You just get as close as you can. The way to reach this is to make sure the open string and 12th fret are in tune. If not, your guitar needs an adjustment (not sure how you'd do it on an acoustic so bring it to a trustworthy tech or a friend who knows what to do). But if your guitar is properly intonated but the other frets are still way off, then you most likely got a bad guitar.
Yeah I've managed to solve it! I got myself a restringed right handed guitar from Vietnam. Which is around USD 71 dollars. Turn out it was a classical guitar with steel strings that was why it was way off. I've went to a guitar shop and they changed the strings to nylon and now I'm back in tune.