Okay, I've been wanting to get a battery operated guitar amp for awhile. Not the small Honeytones either. I want one that'll sound descent. I'M thinking either The Peavey Nano Vypyr, the Pignose Hog 30, or the Crate TX15 Taxi. I have had good experiences with Crate and love my half stack. I think you can plug a mic in as well (a friend, that I jam with, plays Harmonica), but I think the Taxi has been discontinued. The Peavey looks like you can plug a mic in as well and has modeling. Have no real info about the Pignose other than the great reviews.
Has anyone had experience with these and willing to share their opinions? Guitar Center is having a grand opening sale tomorrow and it's payday.
Theres also those Roland Cube Street. I think all the Cubes are battery powered actually.

Is there any reason it needs to be battery powered?
Hmmm, if i was having a picnic and someone turned up with a guitar and amp and started playing i probably wouldnt be happy.

Does it need to be amplified or do you just wanna play outisde? Could look at one of the Vox AmPlugs if you just wanna play your electric in the breeze

Or get an acoustic
So, I went with the Line 6 Micro. Sounds really good. only paid $65.00 for it. Thru in so C-cells and rocked it. I'd say thanks for the help, but I got none. The only thing I got was a whine from the previous guy. This place is kind of a joke. If I don't have a $2,000 guitar and stack, forget about anyone speaking to you. So, thanks for nothing really. Cept the tabs.