I have a couple of guitar pedals (jekyll and hyde, boss distortion and tc hall of fame reverb) and i havnt used them in over a year and now that im getting back into guitar, but when i plug them up, using fresh batteries the light on all three of them comes on but its dim and when i use an adapter the light doesnt come on at all, do guitar pedals kinda die out if not used regularly?
That is strange.

Maybe a dumb question but, forgetting the lights, have you plugged yuor guitar into them and then plugged them into your amp. Any sound?
Sounds like your adapter is busted.

do they work with the batteries?

if not check cables, and try them one at a time
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thanks for the replys, Yeah im not sure, i have used two different adapters and new batteries with different guitars, when the pedals are set up but clicked off i get a weak signal when playing and when they are clicked on the light goes out and i get nothing, i just think its super weird that all three are doing the same thing, my big muff pedal works fine so idk
Looks like old batteries to me.

Are you 100% sure these batteries were new?

Also you should try using them with AC adapters.
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take a meter and check the adapter, one in the barrel one on the outside. and across the batteries. under 9V throw them away.

you did you DC, not AC right?
It does sound like the power supply is the common denominator. Yes, if you hooked up a power supply with insufficient voltage, you could activate the light without the pedal working. I would expect the by-pass to still work however.