Hi, guys!

I have been working on a brand new delay stompbox with a remote controller for quite some time now. This is currently being crowdfunded on the platform Indiegogo - I would love to hear what you think of it!


(PS. Steve Vai's sound engineer has already requested to have one sent over!)
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I have been working on a brand new delay stompbox with a remote controller
And what would be the purpose of it exactly?

I mean, you could just save batteries and EM interference (resulting in noise picked up by the cables) and the hassle of having to sync everything and the possibility of the connection failing for some reason by implementing MIDI connectivity on that pedal, so that one could control that and other stuff with whatever MIDI controller attached to it with a cable.

Also yeah, that link doesn't work, and again yeah, advertisement isn't allowed on this forum.

Though please mods don't ban this guy before he answered my question!
Name's Luca.

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What does the remote do? My hands are on the guitar so i feel like I'd eater just gt a switch with my foot
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