Was going through my collections and was thinking about those huge bands that everyone relates to only ONE album even if they have so much more. So, Hardcore forum, what is your favourite lesser known track from big bands? Or bands associated with only one album or song. Here are some of mine.

Converge: No Heroes / My Great Devastator

Cheating with two here.

No Heroes, whilst relatively well known is not even nearly held in the same regard as Jane Doe. However I think it's honestly a better track than a lot of that album. It's visceral, heavy and absolutely relentless, it's Converge at their best but no one seems to talk about it.


Now My Great Devastator is definitely an unknown, it's off The Poacher Diaries; Converge's split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed. It's hard to explain just what makes this track so great, it's raw, it's badly produced, it's actually kinda weird and that all adds up to make this a classic.


Every Time I Die - I Suck (Blood)

Ex Lives was a fantastic album and everyone I think agrees on that. I Suck (Blood) may not be the most unknown classic in ETID's discography but it's not one you think about straight away, I think that privilege probably goes to Underwater Bimbos... However the riffs are a gut punch and the lyrics contain an near perfect example of the bands Unhinged Swagger.

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