The vocals are unique, although they sound more metalcore than death metal. It's missing a little bit of the growl, although it sounds a little like Chuck Schuldiner.

The music is good, and the guitars have a decent tone, but I think they should be double tracked for a little more beefiness.

The solo had a Tony Iommi effect: Two guitars that seem to play different solos together. I found it a bit messy though.

Overall, it's a solid death metal song, but it would be nice with a little more lead guitar work throughout the song, besides for the solo.

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Hello there.

I liked this. It sounds very professional. The intro part kinda reminded me of "Big Truck" by Coal Chamber (certainly not a bad thing). Like the previous poster I kinda felt the solo was a little too busy and confusing. I listened on headphones and it seemed they were panned hard left and hard right which kinda pulled in opposite directions - it made it a little uncomfortable to listen too. Maybe if they had a little more common ground between the melodies it would work better.

Overall I think Satan is probably already pretty happy with this.

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