This thread is not meant to toot your own horn, but hey, giving yourself a pat on the back never hurt either. For those of us who gig, or are heard playing often, what famous bass players do you get compared to? Do you agree or disagree?

With my old country band, I was compared to John Entwistle once. Probably just from the busy lines, but I think this was probably a tone thing.

Lately I've been getting Claypool comparisons in my new band. I'd agree with it for one song that is very Primus-esque.
The two I get compared to most often are Duck Dunn and Tina Weymouth. Duck because I can be a real pocket player on the R&B stuff, Tina because my style is a bit of a mix of rock and funk, plus the obvious short blonde girl whose married to a drummer comparison.
I cop John Paul Jones a lot for some reason. I never really listened to much Zeppelin.
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The one I hear the most is Chris Wolstelholme (or "that guy from Muse" as he's most often communicated to me), but I suspect that that's just because I use a few interesting fuzz sounds in some of our original songs.
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