It seems that most of my music only has the chord shapes and doesn't really give a strumming pattern. When I play along to the song, I struggle to get the feel of it to play along. When I play without the music and try to sing with the guitar chords it gets about 10x worse. I can't find the melody of the words with a strumming pattern. What advice do you guys have?

Thank you
it'll take awhile to get used to, just like any aspect of guitar playing. One good way to learn patterns of specific songs would be playing along to the music. Over time it'll become more natural though. Just keep at it.
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Practice, practice, practice.

Try to identify the rhythm. Without your guitar, just try to listen to the strumming pattern, and then sing it. Don't worry about pitch, just "buh buh-buh buh buh buh" try to internalize the rhythm. The first step to being able to play something is to be able to hear it, so just focus on that part first. Just try to hear the rhythm and sound it out.

When you try to sing, it'll all go out the window at first, and that's fine. Just practice getting the chord changes out. then you'll fake the rhythm a bit. Then you'll get closer. It just takes time.
Work on your rhythm playing and listening skills. It sounds boring, but you might try playing basic rhythm to early rock n' roll / rockabilly songs to really get a solid sense of rhythm, then finding songs that aren't straight ahead strumming. When listening, it might help to mess with the EQ to bring the guitar out of the mix.

As far as singing and playing, the best thing is to get both of them well practiced before you start combining them.
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