if you are cool with him taking off the neck plate and looking in the pocket and back of the neck where it meets the body, there should be a model number. the string trees look like a run of the mill "standard stratocaster", which isn't a bad thing. the pups may have been swapped or they could be lace sensors, which would be awesome. not sure what japan strat came with laces but if it did, it's probably dearer one.

i was going to guess a 1990. but i'm probably be wrong.

look in there though, should be a stamp on the body and neck that match.
(in most cases, there are always exceptions and the occasional "order made" etc)

in a lot of cases (not all) the model number dictates the original price point in yen. in the first one i listed it's a "62 reissue" and not a 62K yen pricepoint (unless by coinkydink).

if that one is a reissue it's worth a bit more than a standard.

good luck, the ones i've had have been very nice.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
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Thanks for the reply.
I'll ask him if he's willing to but seeing as he didn't know what fretboard radius is I doubt he's up for it. Ha, I actually want it to be a standard for the normal neck/fretboard radius.
So there's no way to tell just by looking? He says they are just pickup guards he's put on.

Also, the truss rod adjustment is at the top and thr re are 21 frets. Not sure if relevant.
What are string trees BTW?

Think I might just go for it anyway!