Hey guys, I'm back! I'm excited to present another cool instrumental. It's heavy, it's jazzy, and the main theme is in 9/8! Please check it out, and comment or like (or share).

Measures Of Discipline

I'll C4C, as fast as I can.

Follow me on Soundcloud; I'll be releasing more in the near future (and you can check out my first track as well).

Thanks for checking out my song!

I really liked your tune. The guitar work is impeccable and the contrasting dynamics of the different themes go really well together.

The drums sounded a bit too MIDI and I get the feeling that it isn't a band playing but just this guitar guy, which is quite impressive and ambitious in it's own right, but it's still apparent.
How was it recorded? Is it all you?

I might just follow you if you keep posting interesting stuff!
Have a good one!
Thanks man! Yeah, the drums are MIDI, but I try to make them sound as natural as possible. However, I am going for that dry modern metal drum sound, which sounds kinda robotic even when an actual drummer is playing.

I wrote and play and recorded everything else though. I'm using Cubase.
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Hey man. This track is really well written and the performance is nice and tight. The mix is a little off for me in places. When the powerchord stuff is going on towards the end the kick and snare get a little lost. The lead around 1:55 kinda jumps out a little to much for me.

Other than that, yeah the drums sound a little synthetic but that is a problem many of us experience.

I also had a listen to A Lumberjack Enraged. As a matter of personal preference I preferred it (it got me nodding along a lot more). Again the riffs are well written and the performance is spot on. The solo worked well. Not sure what instrument you used around 2:55 (sounds too high for a guitar) but it sounded awesome!

It would be cool to hear some vocals on these tracks too.

Either way, you gained a follower.

Thanks a lot! That mystery instrument is a mandolin with a bit of chorus. I was going to use an acoustic guitar, but then I was like "Screw this, let's just make it weird." I could still use a little practice with my mixing skills before I get it right. If I eventually put a band together, I'll pay for a professional recording sessions so we could just focus on the music.

Vocals might be cool, but I write these as instrumentals. Although I might use vocals every now and then for effect. A song that I'm in the middle of now has some cool gothic choir voices.

Thanks again.
I really like this. Its got a nice tight sound and it's all over the place in a good way. The mix is a bit off here and there, but all in all is done pretty well. I really liked the breakdown area. Its got some great riffage in there. I also checked out your other track and I enjoyed it quite a bit! You've got some great talent, m'friend. If only I had a tinge of the guitar talent you have, man. Hah. I think some vocal work in your songs could do them a good bit of justice as well. All in all I can't wait to hear more from you, m'friend!

Check mine out?

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Haha, we checked each other's stuff out at the same time! I left a comment with some suggestions in your thread.

Thanks for listening. I try to balance my stuff with weird, complex riffs, and simple grooves. The two songs I'm in the middle of writing now are very different from each other. One is a straight up (mostly) 4/4 riff-fest, and the other is a disjointed, almost Meshuggah sounding song.