I bought a Fender Telecaster Affinity Series from my buddy, that came with a Frontman 15G Amp. my friend had it for like a year, but rarely used it. I know the problem is not my guitar, or chord, because i have tested them with other amps.
My Problem: I turn on my amp, and it is real quiet, as in i have to turn the volume up to 3-5 to even hear sound (with overdrive 6-7, and treble, middle, and bass at 10). When I crank up the volume to 10, then strum all of the strings really hard the really loud the normal sound kicks in, and its annoying to have to hear it blast in my face. Then when i turn it down it is regular volume (not the low like before), but I have to do this procedure every time!!! ANNOYING!!!
Sounds like it could be the volume pot. Swipe the volume control up and down through the whole range of motion. 20-30 times maybe. Then try it. If that doesn't work, then you can try spraying it with electrical contact cleaner. Give it a good 30 minutes afterwards to allow it some time to dry. You don't want to turn the amp on when it's still wet.

As a matter of fact - here's the first thing you should do.

But back to the troubleshooting. After you spray inside the pot you can swipe the volume control up and down again and hopefully it'll clean out the worst of the oxidation/carbon/etc...

Oh but there's one other thing you could do - the Fender Frontman is pretty close to bottom of the line. You can most likely get a replacement off of Craigslist for 15-25 bucks, and if you're patient you could get a significantly better replacement amp for about 50$ used.

I say this because if my simple fix suggestions don't do anything to help, there's not much point in paying a professional to look at it. By the time he has the case open it'll be cheaper to have just thrown this one out and bought a new amp.
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Cant be that, because its the exact same problem if i don't have overdrive on, and have to use the regular volume control (not the overdrive control).

Right now I don't have the money to buy a new amp, so this is all i got to practice with for a while, so please don't hate/dis on my amp. Plus I am a beginner.
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Cant be that, because its the exact same problem if i don't have overdrive on, and have to use the regular volume control (not the overdrive control).

You didn't explain that very well in your original post.

Well read the part that I added to my reply. This amp is not cost-effective to trouble-shoot. You can try the really quick stuff like I suggested and see what happens, but if nothing happens then you're most likely going to need to find a new amp.

I found a Kustom 15 watt combo for 30 bucks, and then I found a Roland micro-cube for 25. That's going to be cheaper for you than paying someone to repair your Fender Frontman.
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i know "get a new amp" is brash, but if you can't fix it, it is totaled.

a tech will charge you $50 to put it on his bench. probably another $50 an hour as well.

you can find a nice amp under the price of the tech.
Well see it still works, its just a quality problem as i have to do that procedure every time. Thanks for the help guys.
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Well see it still works, its just a quality problem as i have to do that procedure every time. Thanks for the help guys.

if you can get it to work, thats what maters. convenience is sometimes a luxury. you have it and you can get it to work, keep it until something else comes along.
Hey I am new here. I just purchased a Frontman10G for $10 at GoodWill. I am by no means an amp tech but I needed to figure out how to remove the amp out of the case because the shaft of the volume pot was snapped off and I will replace it myself. From what I have read they are tricky to open, and I believe the 15G may involve the same procedure. One thing though, these amps were made in 3 or 4 different countries, so maybe what I am about to tell you may, however unlikely, vary.
(1)remove 4 screws from the back; no need to remove the 2 over the "nameplate/amp info" (2) remove the screws from handle on top (3) remove each screw on right and left side (4) use patience here: gently with a flathead screwdriver pry between the amp cabinet and backplate to remove it; when out, unscrew the power wire hold-down clip. (4) there is no way the amp will "pop" out of the front because the speaker which is attached to the grill is in a slot ! You have to remove the 2 screws that attach the back of the speaker grill to the metal amp circuit board housing (note one has a thin ground wire), AND then gently pull off (with pliers if necessary) the + and - speaker lugs. IF you made it to this point the amp circuit with its metal housing PLUS the speaker with its attached grill cloth board will easily slip out the front of the amp. At this point, you will notice that the circuit board has 2 screws that attach it to its metal housing. I got to this far and have to order a 100K volume pot. Some use a soldered one while others a snap in version. Of course the snap is easier to remove and replace, but I ain't that lucky ! Hope this helps anyone needed to disassemble a Frontman 10 or 15.
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Now. Please review the rules and please please do not bump other people's threads for stuff like this. You have an issue and it is not fair to bump this guys thread looking for advice.

Copy paste your question into a your own new thread and we'll see if we can help you. I owned a Frontman as my first amp and the first thing I learned is that it is very difficult to remove the chassis. The tone sucked, so I sold it.

Good luck.