guys it have been started from one month, a theme in my mind, i couldn't write a poem based on, i tried a lot but that theme is not going from my mind

"heavily raining outside, a dark room with one window opened and narrow night is coming through that. A person siting near to that open window by placing his hand on the window grills. The moment a drop of water reached down to the window by rolling, he start to tear"

I don't know what is this but this is been in m mind fr a long time
The scenery from your theme reminds me a bit of E.A.Poe's Raven,till the part where your character starts crying...lonely man sitting by his window(that reminded me of J.Joplin "I'm sitting by my window,watching at the rain..." the name of song is Summertime,I think)...Now,for your song:
Who's the guy(narrator?),why is he crying,what does it mean to him,will it be any better for him,i don't know tomorrow?And so long,etc...if the guy is important.
Maybe the world around him is important,dark and rainy world that is wrong,and that sensible guy is crying because of other people misery?
But in your composition,that guy dominates,and his tears hide the answer,everything around him isn't human(humanus) as he is,its like he doesn't belong in that realm,but there is a good contrast: cold and unpleasant surroundings/ sensible(warm,humanus)man...
Maybe it's that rain drop that's important?
Anyway,I hope I've managed to help you somewhat,you need to make a story out of that theme,you need a message,you should look for elementals in songwriting just to get a grip of how it should be done...
Anyway,I think you could make a great song one day out of that theme,good luck with that,I sure hope I'll hear it on the radio one day and recognize it...
It really sounds good if you try to develop this situation in terms of lyrics in a song means then it will be very good I think so Please try it man.
Even I heard same theme before in my English class. A boy sitting near to his window and watching outside. Sudden rain falls and drop of water touches the window. He observed the drops each second it moves down, he thinks about it. If you write the lyrics in something unique way then you can rock. The theme is really good and interesting there many reason between the persons cry.