So I need your opinions. I have an opportunity to buy an old fender stratacaster copy which is in good condition from the 80's or 90's for a really good price. I've heard how they have been appreciating in values so if anyone could give me some more info about that it would be much appreciated. I've also been looking at getting an epiphone ES 399 ultra but if I got the old fender copy (which is a hondo) then I would just get the Es 339 pro, again what do you guys think about this? Also what are your thoughts on a fender jazz master as Im also looking at those. For those of you wondering I've been offered the strat copy for $400 NZD and I've had a go on it and it sounds really good, alot better than my less paul copy from 2010
The ES 339 pro is fine the ultra adds that odd piezo style pickup. Other than that they are pretty much the same. An old Hondo I am not so sure of. I did not think much of them back when they were new. Check if it is solid wood a lot of guitars from those days were particle board. Old Squiers, Electra, Ibanez, are pretty decent guitars.
well if you are anything like me you will want something better than the 2 average guitars eventually. I don't think hondo strat copies are appreciating all that much so don't put too much emphasis on that.

I'd rather have 1 great tone than 2 average tones.

i'd buy the guitar you think is the best one you can afford and take care of it. other different guitars can always be had later on when more funds become available to you.
Putting all the details aside, it's usually better to spring for one good thing than 2 average things for the same price. Unless you play 2 wildly different styles or don't like changing tunings, etc.
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first let me say that a Hondo strat won't ever be worth much. they were budget guitars and honestly not that good. fine for beginners but not much more.

now if you have the chance to get a truly great guitar then why settle for 2 average ones. the only reason to even consider that would be that the one guitar wouldn't meet all your band needs. even in that case I'd really do my home work and try to find 2 good deals on guitars that would be better than "average".
A couple of things worth remembering. "More money" doesn't necessarily mean "great guitar." Nor does "more features" or "an extra pickup." At the same time, getting one guitar that really suits you can be priceless. Unfortunately, my read of the situation suggests that you're not at a stage where you'd really know a great guitar, one way or the other.

Don't expect old guitars to gain value. In most cases, an old guitar is just an old guitar. "Vintage" assumes a whole bunch of variables, and "mass-produced cheapie" is rarely one of them.
Having formerly owned a 339 Ultra, I would take the mystery Hondo and the Pro over just the Ultra (which also has a built-in tuner and usb out). Usually, imo, its quality over quantity except a few occasions. If you plan on utilizing the usb out, maybe go with just the Ultra, it is a nice, versatile guitar. And if you have another amp or a pa, and a looper, you can do some really crazy shit with the seperate jack for the piezo. I do kinda miss that.
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