the worst thing
you could do right now
is misconstrue
my affection
for vulnerability

you will know
when i show you
the soft skin
and when you do
you will think back
on each
"i love you,"
and wonder
So what's happening in these lyrics? Is this a phone conversation? Journal entry? Drunk text?

Adding that context would put a spin onto how the speaker is really feeling about this, and it could really flesh out how this relationship is going or where this is coming from. I get the brevity, and being really short about things is cool, especially here where you're trying to appear kind of cold and distant. But I would consider adding just a little more for the sake of your audience

Are you one of those Men's Rights people? Just curious
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
I think it has kind of a cool flow to it. Yeah, cold and distant, enigmatic. Like in a jazz club when someone just comes up on open mike night and riffs off the top of his head. Is it a song? Vulnerability is bit cumbersome but when I read it aloud I broke it into syllables and it sounded good.