I am thinking on using AmpliTube to do some basic guitar recording and overlays. Any idea where I can get some good drum tracks (mp3) to use?
I don't know any places off the top of my head, since I make my own, but there are a ton out there. One tip: don't use mp3 files, find a nice high-quality wav file, it will sound infinitely better, especially if you adjust the speed at all.
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OOOH, good thing to know. Thanks Sid!

I also came across wikiloops and they seem to be a good resource for all things backing. It's all I found right now
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I also came across wikiloops

boom, theres your answer. Search for "Dafunkydrummer"
.wav tracks are probably a better option. What is your DAW software? You already might have some.

Drums on demand is usually a good source:


Sony Acid:

Alternately, you can get say a free drum machine software like Hydrogen and load midi loops off the web.

There are some free ones here in pretty much every genre: