Hey guys/girls,

Was wondering if any of you knew of a simple way of recording acoustic guitar / vocals using a USB mic and an Android smartphone.

Doesn't have to be close to recording studio quality; it's just for demo recording or impromptu song ideas. I've been using my Blue Snowball USB mic with Audacity and that suited me fine for my needs, until my laptop crapped out (not fixing it any time soon)

If any of you have recorded on a smartphone on-the-go and know of a good app/method, please let me know.

Equipment I have:
Samsung galaxy S4
USB mic (Blue Snowball)

I'd prefer not to purchase additional equipment if need be. Besides a micro-usb/USB converter for my mic obviously.

There really aren't any solutions at the moment that allow you to use your own mic. IK Multimedia has the iRig Mic and iRig Voice that works with Android, but there's really not many other options, let alone something that will work on Android. Most of the recording solutions are iOS exclusive at the moment.
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What Derek said, and also... well, can't you just cope using your phone's voice recorder for now? If I can't be arsed to go into the other room and turn on my Mac and speakers and open Logic etc. I just make a quick note of the idea on my phone's voice recorder until a time I'm able to make a demo of the idea.
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