Hey guys just buy my first acoustic guitar, and I don't know where to start. I know no theory or technic, so where do I begin? Hope someone can help me out. Thks
having it set up properly is the best idea as Tony Done noted. most lower end guitars play horribly and need to be "tuned" to make them much easier to play. most new players give up faster because the guitar they bought is shit. do yourself a favor and bring it to a local shop, pay the $50 to make it easier to play.
as for where to start.... a good teacher is the best start. trouble is, they are hard to find. a lot of teachers are really really bad. finding the good ones is pretty hard.
in lieu of a good teacher, there are many youtube sites that offer good lessons. they aren't as good as a one on one teacher but not bad if you lack the funds for a teacher or there are none in your area.
the best one is justinguitar.com
it's a free lesson plan offered online. donations are always welcome of course and I highly recommend it. his lesson plans for beginners are outstanding reference material.
another good way to improve faster is to find others in your area that are just starting out. banging songs and ideas off each other is fun and makes learning easier.
that aforementioned trip to the local music shop should help you find others in the same boat as you.
have fun, stick with it..the first few weeks are a little rough until you start 'getting" things and your fingers start building up callouses so you can play for longer periods.
for other questions, we are always here to help... we all started out the same as you. after a few months you'll look back at the next few weeks and be amazed at what a daunting task you originally thought it was going to be.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Like Tony said, first thing you want to do is make sure the guitar is set up well. Even if it's a cheap guitar, it's worth it. In fact a cheap guitar is more likely to come in need of a set-up. Some lower end guitars come with the action so high, they are unplayable.

To learn how to play, you have all the knowledge you need right at your fingertips. Just do a web search or go to youtube and look up beginner guitar lessons. There's many of them and most of them are very good(justinguitar, guitarjamz and guitarmadeez) are some of my favorites. You'll need to learn the basic and most commonly used open chords first and get proficient at switching between them. Then start learning some songs. Be patient, it's not gonna happen overnight and it's not easy. You just gotta practice. It's a lot of fun though!