Hi guys. I was wondering whether something in the forum does commissions on pedal builds. my Crunch box is acting up and I would love to have a spare for when it goes out. The model I'm using is out of run so I was wondering whether someone can build it for me and ship it. I'd be more than willing to pay through paypal. Thank you.
I'm not sure but I think Greeny23 and Cathbard make pedals. You could try to get into contact with them but it might be easier to just find a local vendor through other sites/forums.
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I've assembled a few boards for Tim (greeny23) but other than that, the only pedals I make, I make for myself. Tim's your man but I don't know if he'd be interested in a one off of a pedal that he doesn't normally build. Contact him anyway, he may have something to suit.
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I'd do it, but I'd probably charge more than you could get a used one for.
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