Baron Custom Amps Snott Watt 5-watt Lunchbox Boutique Hi-Gain Guitar Amp Head (Snake)

I realize this is my first poast, so I'm willing to accommodate reasonable requests to verify that I have the amp, it's in good shape, etc., etc..

Up for sale here is a Baron Snott Watt 5-watt Guitar Amplifier with switchable impedance levels of 4-, 8-, or 16-ohms. So it'll match whatever cab you wanna throw at it. If you don't keep up with the latest and greatest in heavy-metal/hard-rock guitar tube amps, then you might never have heard of this bad boy. Also, these never come up for sale because, buyers of these tend to hang on to 'em. The only reason I'm selling this one is that I need the money, plain and simple.


I know most of you guys know your gear, but for those that haven't heard of this company, Baron Custom Amps is run by one guy, Dave Woodhouse, who builds every one of his amps by hand, and when he says "by hand," he means it. Every component of every Baron Custom Amp head is hand-built, hand-wired, stamped, cut, carved, pressed, and machined, right here in the US.

The last I heard--which was, maybe, a year ago--there is also a 6-month waiting period for new orders.


If you're looking for an amp with the meaty, chunky punch and power of a Mesa, Bogner, Diezel, or Diamond, but won't blow your eardrums out doing it, this is the amp you want. This thing remains tight and focused with aggressive down-picked palm-muted notes or leads and still gets downright guttural with the gain turned up. The beauty of it being only 5 watts is that you can crank the volume to 10 and get that awesome crunchy, high-gain, banging-on-all-cylinders tone out of it...and not cause yourself or nearby loved ones any internal bleeding. The only way to get that Five Finger Death Punch/Godsmack/Pantera growl out of an amp is to drive the tubes hard, and that means turning the volume up. That's where this amp shines, cuz you can dime the volume and not kill yourself. Don't underestimate the power of this thing though. Even at 6 or 7, it's LOUD. Windows will rattle when you palm mute a low E5 and it cuts through the mix with ease, even at the middle volume levels.

As far as the sound of the Modern channel goes, think Dual/Triple Rectifier, Road King, Bogner Uberschall, Engle Fireball, Orange TH100, Randall Satan, Diamond Nitrox or Heretic, or any other ultra-high-gain guitar amp you can think of. With this you can achieve high-gain metal sounds similar to those of Metallica, FFDP, Godsmack, Pantera, etc., but on the other hand, it'll hit the classic rock tones too. Artificial or pinch harmonics are achieved with ease and they squeal. It's awesome.

The vintage channel is easily capable of slightly dirty to really gritty, but it will NOT get you crystal clean. Obviously, you don't buy a high-gain beast for that; you'll need to find yourself another amp.

For both channels, if you mute the strings, the amp is QUIET. Like, pin-drop quiet. Check out the videos on Youtube for some demos, but to be fair to the amp, they don't really do the up-close-and-personal sound of this thing justice. Even the better ones don't. They'll give you the idea that something good is going on the room, but you can't really get it until you experience the sound for yourself.

This one's decked out in black and white snakeskin, which is a custom option.

Full retail is $750 and a 6-month or longer waiting period. You can have this one for $600 OBO.


Buyer agrees to pay $50 shipping, packaging, handling, and insurance costs to anywhere in the contiguous 48 United States. No shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Puerto Rico, or any foreign country. I will ship in the most economical way I can. Allow up to 7 days for delivery from the time of shipment. I will ship within 24 hours of CLEARED payment.

I will ship with signed delivery confirmation and tracking. Item will be insured with the courier for the amount of purchase.

No pick-up allowed. This item must go via courier.


Payment methods accepted: Paypal, Amazon Payments, or cash.

Paypal and Amazon payments must wait to clear before I will ship the item. It takes however long it takes. I've dealt with too many jokers online, trying to scam me. When your payment has COMPLETELY cleared, I will ship the item.

For Paypal and Amazon Payments, your payment will be refunded and the item will be re-listed if: your shipping address is not verified, your bank account or credit/debit card is not verified, you pay from an email address (or account) that does not match the email address you have on file with Reverb, or any other suspicious circumstances surround your payment. Make sure everything matches up. If it doesn't, expect for your money to be refunded and for the item to be re-listed.

"Cash" does NOT mean: personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders, foreign currency, or anything else. Cash means US Dollars.

Thanks for checking this out! Hope we can do business.
bump...great little amp, guys. check out the videos on youtube. it's a perfectly giggable, mean little beast.